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    Turbo Whine Solved By Fixing Tube - What's that tube called?

    My turbo whined for a large part of the yellow segment on the turbo gauge on the instrument panel. I drove it like this for about 100 miles before I was able to let the car cool and open the hood. I saw that a tube had dry rotted and broken, as seen below.
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    I pulled the stub of tube that was left off and pushed the remainder of the tube on.

    What is this tube called? It's in pretty bad condition.

    Also, could this tube breaking have caused any other problems I need to fix?

    I have a 1999 9-3 SE hatchback.

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    It is really just a vacuum hose, and replacements will be sold as such, typically by the foot. Silicone hoses are often used for greater durability.

    The part to which it connects is the bypass valve for the turbo system, which is used to release extra pressure in the high-pressure side of the intake when the throttle is closed quickly (such as during a shift). It looks like your bypass valve is installed backwards, too.

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