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    Unhappy 2000 Saab 9-5 Won't Start (won't crank) and central gauge cluster won't turn on

    Hey guys, this is my first post here, so let me know if you need any more information than I post.

    Here's what Happened: I was replacing the factory SID on my central dash (this is the top display with the clock/radio/warnings). I got a new one in the mail (unfortunately it was for a 2003/2004, not my 2000), but it fit. The face was the same, but the harness was different. So me...being the genius that I am...took each lead from the new unit, tinned the tips and then inserted the leads into the female harness from my car (NOTE* there was one extra lead on the new unit that I just ignored). It worked but wasn't perfect. I made a few adjustments, still wasn't perfect (displayed radio and clock but not engine-warnings). So on one attempt, instead of turning the car off (battery was never disconnected) I just touched a few leads that should or should have not been connected while looking at the display. When 2 wires crossed, the central gauge cluster shut off. I wasn't terribly worried at first. I eventually hooked the old SID back up (just female harness to male-port on the unit) and attempted to turn on the car...no go. The headlights turn on, everything works (even radio). But the engine won't turn on (no sound of solenoid attempting to turn engine over) and neither will the central gauge cluster. Also, some odd numbers appear where the AC temperature usually is (numbers between 18 and 24, then goes back to 64-degrees I had AC set to, after a few seconds).

    I checked all the fuses and none seemed to be blown out (though maybe I missed one?). Maybe it's the Engine Management Unit? ECU? I don't know, I'm not a huge car-guy so I'm not sure. My mechanic will look at it on Monday, but in the mean time, I figured I'd see what you guys think. Thanks in advance! -Joe

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    I haven't heard of anyone attempting to fit a later model SID in an earlier 9-5. Because of the lack of responses in this thread, probably not many others either. Did your mechanic figure out the problem and got it fixed? My guess is the same as yours and some electronic unit got fried.

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    something electronic. possibly blew something on the security system as well? would like to hear how this turn out for you.

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    The later SID units feed a signal to the Trans Control Module and the ABS system. If you "rewired" then you likely shorted out a more expensive component rather than getting the right part or yours repaired.
    Good Luck.

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