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    Cool H7 HID Kits - I want Lights which work @ Night - Input Requested

    So I think I am going to install some single beam HID lights for a H7 car. My 2006 has those terrible H7 bulbs with projector lenses. I can't see at night with them unless my High beams are on. I believe these are the worst headlights Saab has ever put on their cars. I also plan to add Fog Lights eventually - and then make them HID lol

    Has anyone ever installed a kit on their car? Any recommended brand kits? I'm looking for a 5K system - 6K is too blue for me and less seems silly. I want as white of a light as I can get.

    Post away!

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    I installed a H7 HID kit in another brand of car a few years ago. It was MTEC, overly priced $200. However, it included same adaptors to easily snap in the bulbs for that model of car. They don't seem to put any kind of kit together for Saab, so it's probably easier and cheaper.

    That car also had projectors. The one nice thing about projectors is that while not perfect, it does seem to not blind other drivers. I did some tests where I had people drive my car with my driving by them in another car, and it didn't hurt my eyes at all. It was a 4700k kit. The light was pretty near OEM, very white indeed.

    I ended up taking the kit out because the projectors in that car "shake," a bit and manufacturer of the car called the shake within spec. Well, with the bright HIDs, the shake was much more noticeable to me, and it made the car feel flawed to me, seeing the shake. Now I have poor H7 halogens with projectors in that car again. Oh well. Someday I might get OEM lights.

    Overall, sometimes a HID kit works out ok. I think it's smart you want to cap at 5k as that looks so much nicer than those awful blue lights.

    Hope it works out. It seems kit conversions are never the perfect solution, unless you ship the lights off to have professionally modified, but sometimes people are very happy with the result nevertheless. Mine would have been ok without the shake, but I also had these "spots" of light on the road. I guess I'm just not an aftermarket kit person, but I'm glad I tried.

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