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    trying to identify this hose, and a few other things...

    So I'm replacing all the vacuum lines in the evap lines in my Saab 9-5 I replaced the lines coming Off blow off valve with 3.5 millimeter hoSe and 4 millimeter hose both seem to work fine now I'm trying to run new hose through the EVAP system and put new check valves in to replace the blue ones that tend to go bad my question is the hose seems bigger than 6 millimeter (I thought it was 6mm), I know that the hose coming of the BPC is 6 millimeter because I tested fit it....this seems to be bigger but also seems like its hard like almost two layers an inner harder rubber and outside softer rubber?? Then outside of that is that black crumbly insulation which I've mostly peeled off, see the pics, things I'd like to know r what size hose do I need to replace this line, I noticed there's an adapter to go from smaller hose to a bigger hose in a few spots. Thanks

    Also I can't figure out how to get this odd lock apart, I'm not sure if it functions as something or if it's just an adapter. I'm going to post pics in just one minute taking pictures now

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