Hi everyone, Just wanted to say a quick hello. Today is my 9th anniversary so this will be quick. Its 9.00 pm my wife and I opened a bottle of Moet, we talked, laughed and reminded each other of how life was 9 years ago...

9 Years ago when we got married I told her I would take her to the US where we will make a new start for us...10 seconds later I added .." I will also get a saab"
Why do people buy saab's? - asked my wife then

8 years later I got the saab. My 2 year old son made the decision between 9-5 and 9-3 (by jumping up and down inside them), I got the 9-3.

Today I am happily married to both my wife and my saab.

I still wonder what makes people get saab's, let be honest, there are faster cars out there, more efficient, more advanced, cheaper etc. Saab is quirky, anything you want to do with it will require arm twisting, the car is moody the interior is unique. The car is a challenge, when its good is great when It goes bad it will drive you mad.

Exactly like my wife..gotta go take advantage of her good mood.