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    no fuel injector pulse

    I have a new crank sensor, a good di that was check and started another 9-5. it also started with starting fluid sprayed into intake so no fuel is getting to cylinder. have no signal at injectors(with all but one connected and then all disconnected) with noid light. i also have pressure at fuel rail but if no signal at injectors that doesn't matter right? I miss my saab can anyone figure this out!!!!!? about 6 months ago I had head gaskets replaced got it home for a day. then no start because of teeth broken off flywheel fixed that got it back and that's when this started. it would run then die ,sometimes it would start right back but others no start for a few min. that went on for a few days then got really bad I HAD TO HOLD DOWN GAS PEDAL THE WHOLE TIME to get it home! the next day tried to start it but it cranked with no start. replaced crank sensor and dic and that's where you guys come in, any suggestion will help track this down thanks for your help

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    Marty Jackson
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    First I would check the injectors fuse.
    Then check the wire harness going to the injectors. Then the big wire harness on the firewall. There may be corrosion inside the plugs. Clean it up and apply some dielectric grease.

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