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    Front door locks taken over.....

    Wonder if I need the 'Ghostbusters'...........recently I started having this strange problem with the front doors of my Aero, on unlocking the central locking with the key fob (all doors unlock with the sharp snap sound), the near side front door stays 'locked' despite pulling the handle from the outside or the latch on the inside! Then, after a few minutes it opens normally without any effort or fuss. Once or twice, it happened with the drivers door as well! I used to use the dead-lock facility by pressing the lock switch twice on the key fob but now just press it once on locking and all appears to be well but what would cause the doors to remain locked despite the central locking clearly opening all doors? Could it be the dead-lock mechanism is sticking, etc? Any ideas what needs to be checked before I get locked in or out of the car?

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    I'm having the same problem on my 2005 Linear only it's the drivers door lock

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