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    Turbo to the RED zone? (2002 2.3t)

    I have noticed that my turbo needle doesn't get into the red zone. Is there a restrictor on it? Even with the pedal to the metal, the most I can move the needle is to the end of the orange zone.

    Just wondering if there's more turbo power for me to harness...

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    Turbo gauge is a bit misleading because it is more like an engine load gauge. I think mine barely comes out of the orange.

    From the WIS:

    The main instrument unit is fitted with an electronic boost gauge. The gauge is driven by a stepper motor which is controlled by the main instrument control module.

    The value shown by the boost gauge needle is based on the following: Trionic calculates the mg air mass/consumption and converts this information to a value between 0 and 255. Trionic sends this as a bus message "boost gauge". This value corresponds quite well to the engine torque. The main instrument unit uses this value for the boost gauge needle which shows the driver the load on the engine.

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