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    Thanks Marty. I replaced my plugs and tried my emergency DIC and still got the code. Perhaps the shop messed up the timing when they replaced the serp belt? Going to look into the battery disconnect thing. Getting good voltage readings but I guess you never know.

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    2001 9-5 Wagon

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    Marty Jackson
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    You can't mess up the timing just by replacing the serp belt.
    You need a code reader. Don't get a Bluetooth one. Get one that plugs in via wire. I've never got a bluetooth one to work with my Swedish cars. Volvo or Saab.

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    Marty Jackson

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    After an attentive reading of your rebuild i will say "well done" not seems easy to do but you've made it. and what about your family hope all goes well for you.

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    Hi Saab lovers!
    My car is 2004 SAAB 9-5 2.3T ARC - 150K miles
    I couldn't create a new post so I'm asking the question here. Hope you guys can help me.

    I have opened up the engine from above and below - head and oil pan. Was having serious blow by and first smoke and then after some time oil being "pumped" out of the oil dipstick. Very rough running engine as expected. After removing head and checking, discovered Piston 3 was cracked. I removed the piston by dropping the oil pan. I am trying to find a piston, but new ones are no longer available for my car so have to get a used one. Standard is fine as the bore is still in great shape, no scoring whatsoever.
    Found one on eBay but it seems it is for an AERO. Mine is an ARC. The Piston is out of a MY06, mine is MY04. I understand ARC and Aero have the same engines. I have given the information from Seller below.
    He tells me it is NOT the same type as my car but would fit and some engine builders would use it even if not the same as other pistons in the car. He asked me to check with my engine re-builder
    Info from Seller:
    Saab 2001-2009 Vin g. "R" TYPE ENGINE

    9-5 93 OUT OF 2006 95
    AB7815 ON PISTON
    Rod is for a 2.3
    The same piston is the ecopower used in 9-3
    7000 + feedback
    19 years on ebay

    1) Vin G indicates it is an Aero?
    2) R type? I'm not sure if my engine is 235L or 235R being an ARC.
    3) Would this be ok to use, i.e. change one?
    4) Or if they fit should I change all 4 so all are the same type?
    5) If it works is it recommended/better to change the rings on all 4 since I already have it open.
    6) And since I have it all open from top and bottom, what else should I replace so I don't have to go back in again? I'll be replacing head gasket, intake gasket, exhaust gasket, valve cover gasket, sealing ring for the chanin tensioner(i.e. all the things that come with a head gasket kit, "O" rings that go with the oil pan, clean up the oil pan, screen etc.
    7) It seems it is recommended to use new head bolts, but mine look in great shape, is it really necessary to use new ones?
    Thanks so much!!!

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    I want to replace my std conrod bolts (B235R) with ARP's, does anyone know the part number for the ARP's or the size of the std bolts?

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