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    Automatic transmission, transmission fluid level check without dipstick

    1. Park the car on level ground and apply the handbrake.

    2. Start the engine and allow it to idle. Select position D and wait for at least 15 seconds. Then select R and wait for 15 seconds. Repeat for position P.

    3. Connect the diagnostic tool and run the engine until it reaches 80C as per the "Read values" menu for TCM.

    4. Remove the plug using 30 16 516 Torx sleeve. Use butyl tape or the like to secure the plug on the tool.

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    5. Check the fluid level using DT-47653 Gauge rod. (engine idling and selector lever in P). Fill with fluid as necessary using 87 92 822 Oil filling equipment. Pay attention to the appearance and odour of the fluid. If the fluid is cloudy/discoloured and/or smells burnt it must be changed even if there is no noticeable reduction in shift quality or
    noise. See Changing the automatic transmission fluid.

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    Fill up with oil through the dipstick hole. Do not remove any other plugs from the top of the

    The dipstick has only one measuring range for warm oil. The oil volume between min-max is 0.5
    litres (0.5 qts).

    6. Fit the plug
    Tightening torque 30 Nm (22 lbf ft)

    Gauge rod

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    Oil filling equipment

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    If you do not have DT-47653 Gauge rod

    (Here's some info from SAAB:
    Beginning with the 2006MY, service/remanufactured transmissions had the dipstick used to check the auto trans level eliminated. A transmission oil level gauge rod DT-47653 is available for checking the oil level on these transmissions. The dipstick cannot be retro-fitted due to a change in the transmission case. These service parts may go back to the 2004MY. For the service procedure follow WIS instructions located under: 9/5 / transmission / automatic transmission / repair instructions / automatic transmission, transmission fluid level without dipstick.

    DT-47653 Gauge Rod was/is a required tool and should be used to properly check the transmission once this unit has been installed.

    DT-47653 Gauge Rod is part of the New dealer tool package and was automatically shipped to all Saab dealers in June, 2006.

    It is available from Kent Moore at Kent-Moore DT-47653 Transmission Oil Dipstick (DT47653) or https://gmspecialservicetools.spx.com/ through DealerWorld/Service tab in GM Special Service Tools Website

    Here is an easier method that can save you money because you do not need to buy DT-47653 Gauge rod:
    Another way is to use one of the old fashioned folding wooden carpenter rules with the sliding extension tang. Oil level is full when it is 2 inches(5,08 cm) below the top of the case, oil is at the low level when it is 2-1/2 inches (6,35 cm) below the top of the case.

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