Subject: Water Leak at Driver/Front Passenger Floor Area and/or Front Carpet Wet

Models: 2011 Saab 9-4X


Some customers may comment on seeing a water leak in the driver or front passenger floor area and/or finding the front carpet wet. The two most common causes of this concern are that there may be a void in the cowl seam sealer, in the corners below the sunroof drain hose grommets, or that the front sunroof drain hose or grommet may not be fully seated in the cowl panel.


Water test the cowl area and inspect the sunroof front drain hose grommets by following the steps below:

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1. Remove the air inlet grille panel. Refer to Air Inlet Grille Panel Replacement in WIS.

2. Inspect that the front sunroof drain hose grommets (1) are fully seated to the cowl on both sides. If necessary, re-seat by pushing the grommet into place from the vehicle interior.

3. If you find that the drain hose grommets are not fully seated, ensure that the sunroof drain hoses are not misrouted or too short, by completing the following steps:

3.1. Check the drain hoses for tension that may tend to cause a future disconnect or unseating of the grommet.
3.2. If the hose seems short or displays a higher level of tension, inspect the hose for proper routing on the affected side. Ensure the hose is not pinched or kinked.
3.3. If the routing appears correct, but the hose still seems to be under tension, replace the drain hose. Refer to the EPC for the appropriate right or left drain hose part number.

4. If the drain hose and grommets are fully seated water test the cowl by running water along the seam (shown in the graphic below), which runs across the front of the vehicle.

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5. If water drips are evident, inspect the seam for voids (2) in the sealer. Clean the affected area and seal the void with Kent High Tech™ Clear Seam Sealer, P/N P10200 (5 oz. tube), or equivalent.

6. Reinstall the air inlet grille panel. Refer to Air Inlet Grille Panel Replacement in WIS

Parts Information: Contact Kent Automotive at 1–888–YES-Kent or
Part Number Description: P10200 Kent High Tech™ Clear