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    Lightbulb ATF flush...can this be done?

    Hello all, I flushed my 2004 9-3 Linear already once with Toyota IV ATF, but I saw a trick on a Toyota that I wondered if it could be done on the Saab. What this person did was (it's on youtube) showed the Supply and Return ATF hoses. He removed the Supply hose and attached one end of a new hose to the supply and one end to a bucket, so it will drain in a bucket. He blew air in the original supply hose to force the fluid back in the transmission. Now he added fluid to the transmission and started the car, adding the fluid when the car was started...he did this until the fluid in the bucket flowing out was cherry red, clean.

    Now, I tried looking for these hoses but I have no idea as the Toyota and Saab aren't the same. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Can you do this? I know when I filled my ATF I used a flexible hose that would fill slowly, I would need a setup that would fill fluid fast to do this, if someone knows.

    I'm alright with the typical way, but thought this would be cool if it could be done.

    Here is the youtube link: 10 Min Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush + Replacement (Most Cars) - YouTube

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