03 Aero. 118K. I bought the car 2 years ago with 72K, driver side hub I replaced at 78K. The Pass. side started making noise 10k ago. It went a little different than the driver side. I ended up removing the entire steering knuckle, it was so easy just removing ball joint from control arm and the tie rod from the knuckle. Ended up drilling two holes in my POS work bench, bolted the knuckle to the bench to get leverage to remove the hub bolts. Piece of cake. Got everything back together. Put new brake pads in all around as well.

My point in posting this is that the front suspension work is not difficult at all. The front struts I'll do soon. I practically had them off already, just had to release the top bearing/cap and I could drop the strut. Kind of wish I had done all the work at once. Now I know.

BTW, sub frame bushings looked OK, but based on mileage it's something I'll need to do soon. How is that service to do??