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    Sorry, 'not accommodate' is far to harsh a phrase.

    What I meant to infer is that information regarding, lets say, what "J" specifies in a vin number, or, the specifications of a telladega, and so on, are understandably not always coherent with Europe and Australian models.

    Saabworld (and perhaps another website) enabled me the confidence to purchase a car whose maintenance costs I was uncertain I could afford. There is always a very knowledgeable community willing to assist me. And to all, and to you Frank, I give a big, Thanks.

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    I moved these posts to another existing thread because this discussion came up before.

    North America is just the largest continent with the highest number of native English speakers so that's why these forums often seem biased towards the US. There are the British Isles and Australia / New Zealand but besides those, I found not many Saab owners of non-native English speaking countries venture outside their country forums and language.

    Many understand a foreign language very well but writing in one of those languages can be difficult, especially when technical matters are involved. I have the same with German which I can understand very well but writing it is a totally different matter. And perhaps many don't even really care to go outside their borders. I often visit the Dutch and German Saab forums and I never find any German members on the Dutch forums and vice versa. And these countries share a border.

    We played around with separate regional and language forums but those never really took off. If there is a need for change, we are more than happy to accommodate any requests and suggestions as much as possible. But it is ultimately up to the members to contribute and make this a global Saab site.

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