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    Saab 93 (2003-2012), any known issues?

    Hi all,
    This is my first post as I have never owned a saab, I am now in the market for a used car and after lots of carefull thinking I am really keen on a SAAB 93 from 2003 onwards, I love the look of the car and am very impressed with its "cockpit"
    However I have heard some very negative press about the cars handling, I owned a 1999 Ford Focus 1.8i Zetec for 12 years from new and have to say the handling on that probably spoiled me but I simply do not want another as after 12 years I am bored with it and the SAAB 93 is a car that somehow tugs at the heart strings and seems also a logical good choice. I am not sure whether to go with 1.9 TDi 150 bhp or to go with 2.0T petrol, maybe an Aero if can get hold of one. The main thing putting a break on my parting with hard earned cash at this stage are the issues of handling and also the issues of steering feed back and possible issues with bulkhead cracks due to steering rack? Are these issues with the older 93 or also with the 93( 2003 onwards)?
    I would like to know what potentianal problems I am letting myself in for? I dont mind to much if spending a reasonable sum of money can sort the handling issues? I will be looking to spend between 2000 and 3000 for one. Am quite excited about being an owner of a SAAB 93 but the handling issues are putting me of what seems to be a very good car.
    Any and all advice will be gratefully received about this car.


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    Hi, Nick send me a pm with your phone number and I will call for a chat.
    In Scotland so not international (at present anyway!)

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