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    Noise from my valve lifters !!!

    From all the small problems i've had with my SAAB 9-5 B235E this is the worst !
    I did a Oil sump drop 1 week ago .
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    Together with a inspection of the relief Valve . The piston was stuck , after Some wobeling it came out . Wasn't complete smooth . I did a Nice cleaning on the inside and the piston as Well , Put everything together . After 1 week $h!* started to happen . Also a reminder !!! GRrrrrr , I didn't replace the O rings on the Oil lines . But at that moment wasn't necessary . I had to use a bit of force to put the Oil line with o ring back in place . So i guess ... Hmmmm ok . Now to the Point .

    Cold engine start , idle ... Great sound . Foot on gas , sound great . In gear +1500 rpm low pedal till 3000 ish tick tick tick increasing with rpm . Once WOT sound great . No tick .

    Could the problem be the O ring ? Pressure , air in the Oil lines ?
    Oil : SYNpower Full Synthetic 5w40 Valvoline

    Problem 2 : water temp ok
    Engine temp 90+ 100.
    Only way to cool it down is by turning on the heater . Once hitting 100C air heater Will be cold . Below 95 Will be hot again . And then it drops till 83C .

    I have NO coolant lose ,NO Oil lose .
    (?) radiator need a flush (?)

    Thanks in advance for listening to my problem .


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    Noise from my valve lifters !!!

    It seems to be more happening when driving over 30 min. (Noise) The temp. Is back to normal . Radiator flush did his magic 85-90 C

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    Thanks to some pointers ,...
    Tomorrow i'll do a engine flush ''AGAIN''
    followed by replacing the oil filter and New Full synth oil .
    I always use 5w40 , So this time I will try it with a much thinner version .

    Keep ya posted with hopefully GOOD news !

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    For the heating problem, perhaps it could be a faulty thermostat? When my thermostat had to be replaced, the cabin heater was also showing some odd behavior. Or perhaps the coolant bypass valve. At least those are inexpensive items to replace.

    The ticking sound seems quite unusual when you only hear it at certain rpm ranges. Sometimes, trying a different brand and weight of oil can make a difference.

    Please update your profile in your settings on the site here to show the year/model of your Saab and your location. Makes it easier to quickly see relevant info. http://saabworld.net/profile.php?do=editprofile

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    Noise from my valve lifters !!!

    The heating problem was just a clogged radiator . New thermostat and bypass valve installed .
    Flushed the radiator , all fine now .

    I guess my oil is superior after all those years using always the same type 5w40 full synth. Valvoline .
    Every 5.000 km did a refreshing .

    But now my Saab is maybe getting some sludgy lifters .
    The noise only appears when changing gears and with low / very low throttle / pedal % .
    When half WOT and WOT (Let TURBO work) no noise . Also on idle no noise .

    So my guess a bit low on pressure to get the oil pumping inside those lifters , thanks to tiny blocking dirt .
    No oil light !
    If the thinner oil isn't working , then i susspect the o -ring on the oil return in SUMP . I didn't replaced that one . But at that time it looked OK .
    I had to use a bit force to push it back inside . It was just like my first time ... hehehehe

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    Noise from my valve lifters !!!

    Update :
    Engine flush
    0W40 full Synth.Castrol
    Cold start , NO noise !
    Once on the road , Valve lifter noise (ticking) came back .
    Low throttle , between shifting gears .
    My guess , the O-Ring in the Oil return line (Sump)

    What do you guys think ? Help me out please .


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    Solved !
    How could i be so Stupid ?!?!?!
    There was 1 exhaust bolt loose ! A bit retorquing that bolt fixed the problem Right away !

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