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    Dave T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nordwulf View Post
    Some regulars in our 900 forum are complaining is too quiet there. http://saabworld.net/f5/buhler-buhler-30268/

    Forget Facebook as a forum, the SaabWorld 900 forum is a much better and nicer place with friendly members.
    I rarely look at Facebook anymore. Maybe once a month or less. Twitter and Instagram are better. For companies, Twitter is probably better.
    Quote Originally Posted by nordwulf View Post
    SaabWorld turned 8 years old today...! Looking forward to the next 8. This was the 3rd thread and certainly one of the longer ones.

    How are things on SaabCentral these days?
    Happy Birthday to Saabworld. Nordwulf has done something good for the Saab world! I came here around August so it's not yet 8 years for me.

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    Willing to wish an Happy Birthday to Saabworld, never have been disappointed by members i've only found nice and courteous peoples there, shared their knowledge with extreme patience ...and probably the most accessible and clear datas for Saabs over the whole net. Thanks to Frank for huge work he accomplished.
    Greetings from Switzerland

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