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    Frank Wulfers
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    This #024 looks like another Pearl White but can't tell for sure. The dealer lists it as Birch White but that's probably because they don't know some 9-4X came in Pearl White for a few early models.

    It was originally titled in Warren, Michigan which is where the GM Tech Center is located so it sure looks like this was a GM/Saab owned early production model.


    Report Run Date July 26, 2017 9:10:14 AM EDT
    Vehicle: 2011 Saab 9-4X Aero (3G0FNUE61BS800024)
    Event date Location Odometer reading Data Source Details
    03/14/2011 WARREN, MI 10 Motor Vehicle Dept. TITLE (Title #:801Z0730012)
    03/14/2011 WARREN, MI Motor Vehicle Dept. REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL
    01/18/2012 SAINT PAUL, MN 6,770 Motor Vehicle Dept. TITLE (Title #:K0180Q110) (Lien Reported)
    08/24/2012 SAINT PAUL, MN Motor Vehicle Dept. REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL
    08/30/2013 SAINT PAUL, MN Motor Vehicle Dept. REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL
    08/27/2015 SAINT PAUL, MN Motor Vehicle Dept. REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL
    08/03/2016 SAINT PAUL, MN Motor Vehicle Dept. REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL


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    Please add my two 9-4xs

    2011 Black Premium 3.0 XWD Black interior VIN: 3G0FNPEY4BS800344

    2011 Silver Premium 3.0 FWD Black interior VIN: 3G0FNSEYXBS800058

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    Update: VIN# 3G0FNUE66BS800388 a 2011 9-4x Aero Diamond Silver with Jet Black Interior has now relocated from Stuttgart, Germany to Huntsville, Alabama.

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    Here are a few from Facebook...

    Joe Reichard: #139 is in my driveway - Black/Black fully loaded Aero w/RSE

    Lars Ekelöf: #161 Aero, Silver, XWD Kristianstad, Sweden 3G0FNUE60BS800161

    Oskar Persson: Hello from the brother in sweden! #140

    Will Shaw: #166 here Aero Mooreland Bronze, black interior, navigation, rear seat entertainment.

    (Daniel Cahill posted about #252 in Texas, but its already on the list in the first post with his name and correct location)

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