My name is Jack Willis, from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I will be traveling to a near city to look at 2004 9-3 Aero convertible, automatic, with 36000 miles-- can you believe it? (Ran a Carfax report, seems to be true). The son of the owner-- a woman in her late 80s-- is asking $9499. Has a B207R.

Although a Saab isn't my first encounter with things Swedish. My maternal grandfather was a Swede-Finn from Hang[FONT=verdana]÷,[/FONT] Uusimaa, Finland[FONT=verdana]. After years in the Merchant Marines he found his way here to Long Island and was an [/FONT][FONT=verdana]engineer with a pioneer auto manufacturer, Lozier Motor. (In 1911 Lozier entered a racer in the first Indy 500 race. Lozier came in second, but the Lozier driver claimed first place because he had lapped the winning car.) Lozier's car designer Frederick Chandler left the company in 1913 to form his own car company. My Grandfather went with him to Cleveland, Ohio. Chandler was latter gobbled up by GM and the Chandler plant became the Fisher Body plant.

So growing up my brother and I always were subject to a Scandinavian, if not strictly Swedish, slant on things (and food). Cars being one of the things. (My brother eventually bought a (pre Ford) Volvo.) This Saab-- if I am successful in getting-- will be my first. There are two other people looking at it Saturday as well.[/FONT]