I have been trying to buy this 900 from one of our "adopted" kids for the last 3 yrs, & he finally sold it to me about 4 or 5 mths ago. He had me come get it, 3 yrs ago, and bring it to my house, so I could work on it, as he got money for parts. He finally gave up, & needed the money to stay out of trouble. Anyway, all I could find wrong, initially, was bad starter, in need of tune up, and reverse safety lock out is broken. We replaced the starter, and now, it will not start, not even with starting fluid. It has great spark, and turns over good. I do not know what it could be. I am a disabled vet, stupid spinal cord injury, & brain cyst, cause me to have some limited mobility, and sometimes, complete quad. We bought this, thinking it would be easier for me to get in & out of than my big Dodge Ram, especially, when my limbs are very non cooperative. Plus, would be much better on gas than the truck, and great run around car. I drove it not long after we got it to our house, maybe a little over 2 yrs ago. It ran pretty good, like I said, NEEDS tune up, and steering, suspension, etc., all seemed to be in really good shape. Anyway, sorry to get so long in the post, just wanted ya'll to know how important this 900 is to us. If you have any ideas on why it will not start, even with ether, PLEASE, let me know. ALL help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Thank you!