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    Wanted: 93 convertible.
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    parts availability for the 93, especially the convertible mechanism?

    Hello everyone.

    My wife has always loved the Saab 93 convertible. I'm thinking of surprising her for our 10th anniversary and getting one.

    1. Is there any reason NOT to get the newest one I can afford? I assume a 2010-2011, all other things equal, is more reliable than older years?

    2. Any concern about parts not being available? I was also considering a Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible, and the dealer straight up told me that certain parts of that convertible mechanism are not available new and very hard to find. You're relegated to scrounging junk yards. I don't mind the slightly higher maintenance/repair costs a Saab may bring over something like a Sebring, but I really don't want the hassle of a car that is broken being sidelined for weeks because a part is unavailable.

    If you have any thoughts on 2.0 vs V6, and Auto vs Manual (yes she can drive standard shift and enjoys it, I'm lucky), especially in regards to reliability and ease of repair, would love to hear it.

    Looking for advice! Thank you.

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    There doesn't seem to be much difference in reliability between the model years but I never owned a 9-3 convertible. The later models (I think it is 2010+) were made in Sweden while the earlier models were all made in Austria. Not that it should make any difference in quality but it is always nice to have a Saab made in Sweden. Well, for me at least.

    Saab Parts North America is doing a good job with the parts supply. The 9-3 has been in production for 8 years (convertible for 7 years) so parts supply should be good.

    The 2.0 is more fuel efficient but the V6 has obviously some more power to play with. The Aero with the V6 has the sport suspension which is good for handling but not good on bad roads when you value comfort more. Auto vs Manual all depends on what you prefer but manuals will be a lot harder to find.

    Good luck and belated welcome!

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