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    2004 & later engine in 2003 9-5?

    Can a 2004 and later 2.3 engine be installed as a drop-in replacement in a 2003 9.5 with the 2.3?
    Thanks in advance for any helpful responses!

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    Marty Jackson
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    I think so. I have a 03 and a 04. the only difference I can see is the PVC set up. (Get the 04 or newer one!) The block on the 04 has a hole in it to accommodate the updated PCV set up. (See rebuild my 2.3T thread for pictures of the pvc etc.)
    Only other difference is the passenger side motor mount. But they can each be swapped for each other. They just have different shaped rubbers.
    Good luck!
    One thing. Before you put he new motor in drop the sump and make sure the pick up is clean. My 04 had balls of carbon in the pan. Looked like coffee grinds. (I think it's from using dino oil...)

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    Marty Jackson



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