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    Weak Trunk Springs

    I am working some small (so far) issues with the '05 Saab I took possession of a week or so ago. I need a little help with the trunk, which gives a series of clicks when hitting the button, but will not open unless I lift it during the clicking. It seems like the spring is insufficient to pop the trunk and it just keeps trying until giving up after 5 clicks. I found part number 12778382 which is the spring for the trunk. Anybody know how to get at the spring and if it is adjustable for tension? I did not see anything immediately obvious when I looked last night.
    2005 Saab 9-3 Linear

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    Not sure if this is too late to be of use. Its straight forward. the spring goes between the boot(trunk?) hinge and the inner body of the rear wing. One spring on each hinge. There are 3 different tension settings. Take care when adjusting the spring setting, not because of high tensions, just it's my experiences of the tool(pliers) slipping off the spring and impaling fingers, hands or other body parts, onto previously unseen sharp edges or ends.
    To access the hinge spring just undo the plastic rivets or screws that hold the boots (trunks) side carpet/moulding in place and hey presto your in. Cant be more specific about the fixings or if the carpet wraps around under the plastic or rubber parts, due to the boss (my girlfriend not Bruce Springsteen) has gone shopping in it.
    Or have you tried lubricating the release catch with penetrating oil spray.
    Hope this was of some use
    Cheers for now

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