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    2009 9 3 Combi Both top leds in tail lights not on

    Just noticed this on our 9 3. Both top leds in the rear ice block are out. No sid warning. Seems a bit odd that this is happening on each side. Any ideas?

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    Just arrived from a 2650 miles trip did I take a look at our 9-3's tail lights - and got confused. The two top "slots", each side, does not light. However can I imagine / see four LEDs lit in the lowermost "slot", four in second -, three in third - and two each in the two "slots" above the third one, makes a total of 15 LEDs, which is in accordance with the WIS

    By searching the WEB for pictures of the LED circuit board, Saab P/N 12774406 (left side), did I stumble across one with 19 - and one with 15 LEDs - hmm. Each "slot" is powerwise connected with a ribbon cable, apparently to external power source from bottom.

    The filament monitoring circuitry concerning these LEDs will be triggered when a number of them are out.

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