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    1998 9-3 with no key fobs and just one key

    Hi, hoping someone can give me a definitive answer as my efforts searching the net and asking a ex main dealer and a saab specialist is giving me different answers.

    I have just bought a 1998 9-3 convertible and it came with just one plain key. i have been given a key fob from a 9-5 and told this will work once paired, however the saab specialist said it won't, i have also been told that to pair a new fob you must have an already paired fob to work from otherwise tech 2 can't do anything however the ex saab dealer says that isn't the case.
    I have been told the only way to get a paired fob onto my car is to replace the alarm and paired main ecu with matching key(S). if i was to get an alarm ecu from a donor car would it have to come from a convertible or could i take it from a hatchback. is there a way to pair a fob to the car without a tech 2 or without having a fob already paired.

    hope that isn't too confusing

    cheers for any help

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    What you describe is true for a 2003 and later 9-3 saloon/sedan and 2004 and later convertible. I used to have a 2005.

    I now have a 1999 9-3. Don't know if it is true for those models.

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    I think you will find this helpful: http://www.saabnet.com/tsn/faq/keyfaq.pdf
    It basically explains the lineage of the original generation 9-3 keys and any questions you may have. The 9-5 key may work, depending on which year it is from. The good news is you don't have to replace the ECU or anything like that, but you should definitely get another key very soon because if you lose all of the keys, it gets very expensive very fast.


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