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    17 Aug 2014
    900 GLi , 9-5 wagon 2.3t MY04
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    Hi Mike, thanks for the quick email reply,

    i am looking for the paypal details in your post, but I cant see it ?

    edit: have paypal setup but only used it once over a yr ago, checking if your email address is enough to send it to (cant remember how it works exactly), checking,... checking....

    edit2: oks, figured it out, the transfer has been made.

    Many thanks again for sending this so quickly !

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    ....and it is on the way. Be therein about 10 days for 56 dollars. Good thing it is not the UK, shipping would have been too much.

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    Responding to DeviousByNature,

    In what way do you test them? I do the same thing you do, buy them for cheap used but then I put them in the car for a few days to see if it throws a code. I would be very handy to know how to test them before buying.


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