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    I have recently had the ECU in my '05 9-5 ARC tuned and during my search for tuning companies I found that Brew City Boost was the easiest and one of the most cost effective for the process. The best part about it was I was able to put in the details of my car, any modifications that had been done, and the information on the ECU itself and they sent me an ECU. I checked a box during checkout, then returned my stock ECU for a $75 core refund. This made the downtime of my car about 15 minutes when I swapped them out. Shipping to my location only took about 3 days. There is definitely a difference in power and I was very happy with the price. I went for a stage 2 with a high flow drop in filter which gave me 30 more hp and 40 more Ibs of torque. It also included an open SID which is very useful for tracking engine health in real time. Their service was very supportive and replied promptly answering any of my questions. To anyone looking to tune or upgrade their Saab, I recommend you check them out!


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    We are very fortunate with our Saab engine modifications in that as little as $300 (+/-) can give you a tune that will yield 30 to 50 honest horsepower. Note that I met the fellow who downloaded the tune in a parking lot. Some are even done without sending in the ECU, like JZW or Vtuner and there are lots of smaller but good shops like Mike B. Volvo tunes on the other hand are very expensive and don't even give you the power return so I have never even had it done for my 195 hp Volvo XC (called a light turbo), or my Corvette which is more car than me so I don't feel the need. I think the original thought at Saab was to just inch the power up every few years which is what they did with the Turbo X; originally the 2.8 had put out 255 horses and with a tweek up it went to 280. The Vtune takes the V-6 up to 320 easily. We, are lucky.

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