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    Electrical issues w/2005 9-3 Aero Convertible

    Hi all, new to this forum and I'm a non-technical type. I've started having a lot of electrical issues with my 2005 Aero Convertible and I'm confused as to what I might need. The car is in the shop right now at my local mechanic's, but I don't think he has the expertise to fix it. In anticipation of the shrug, I'm going to post what's wrong and see if I can get any suggestions.

    First problem, started a couple years ago: unknown power drain, drains battery in a week or less if not driven. Took the car to several different mechanics, including a Saab mechanic 25 miles away. Battery was new. No one could find the problem. Solution: New battery and Battery Tender; this has worked but it's not the ideal solution.

    Current problems after sitting in my garage for a few months during the rainy season (the top leaks): "Needs service" notice almost always comes on. Sometimes I get a weird warning message when starting the car. Intermittent problem with the clock not updating. Wipers and washer now not working at all. Driver's door does not lock with power key but all other locks work. Directional signal "clicking" rapidly instead of at the normal speed.

    Car drives beautifully and is physically near perfect. Needs a new top (leaks badly), but that's for another forum thread.

    So I've been reading about BCMs and DICE and all those things...and I'm confused about what really needs to be done to get the electronics back in shape? My boyfriend says I should get rid of the car because it will nickel and dime me to death, but I love it and want to see if I can fix it. My mechanic doesn't have the Tech 2 tool, so even if these things are replaceable, he can't program the thing. I'm trying to find out if the Cadillac dealership that used to sell Saabs has this device. When looking at the used parts on eBay I'm also confused about exactly which modules might be right for this particular car.

    So, any advice? TIA.

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    What could be the case here, is a set of multiple problems, e.g. blown bulbs (directional signal), lack of service (in accordance with schedule) etc. However do one on Saab forums see two common causes which raise multiple failures: Low battery capacity (bad battery) and ignition switch. In your case do I wonder whether or not the latter (or other electrical circuits in the "cabin") could have been subject to water, i.e. causing corrosion / contact problems, due to the leaking top?

    I would say a readout of fault codes, if thrown, by a code reader with capacity of reading manufacturer specific codes, or Tech 2, is maybe fairly inexpensive to do before considering getting rid of the cab. A GM shop does have the Tech 2 capability, and can tell you what they charge.

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    Hello! WOW!! I've had the same symptoms on our 05' 9-3! sans leak though.

    I do not have access to a TECH II and my indie Euro has spent several hours trying to track down the source of the parasitic drain. The alternator checked out OK.
    It used to take a weekend to drain the battery, now it only takes overnight.

    Problem began a few months ago with the SID msg: "service theft alarm" I bought 2 alarm batteries thinking that the "dead" alarm system was drawing of the main battery but we an not locate the alarm box module. I thought it was under the front left wheel well.

    Mechanic removed the BCU, thinking that might be the cause, but brought the car home yesterday and the interior lights don't even come on.

    Do I need a TECH II to mate the BCO and ignition switch to the car? I hate to think of buying random parts... but my options are very limited as we will be living her for at least another 2 years.

    FLORIDAALOHA: Any progress with your car?

    Any insights will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Wow, just shouting out to the guy on Guam. I used to live there (military but lived in a village and went to U. Guam too), when life was simple and it wasn't over developed. This was before Haganata was called Agana and there was no McDonalds and no foreign car dealers. Everything was Jones & Gurrero (an admiral who retired there and one powerful local) who basically ran the whole island.

    Hafa dai! I sure do miss iit.

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