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    My first Saab purchase. Am excited but also nervous.

    A little about me... 47 years old, living in Ohio, and (somewhat) mechanically-inclined.

    I have always driven Ford and General Motors vehicles. Have always bought used, and have done most of the repairs myself. My 2001 Saturn just bit the dust, so on a whim I purchased a Saab on Craig's List. It's the first foreign-made vehicle I've ever owned.

    It's a 2005 9-5 Arc sedan. It has 72,000 miles. Automatic transmission. I am buying it from the original owner. I will be taking possession of the vehicle this Wednesday.

    I won't lie... I'm nervous about this purchase. On the one hand I'm excited; the car is really nice. On the other hand I've heard parts are very expensive and they're difficult to work on.

    So any words of wisdom? Are there some things I should check out right away?

    And as mentioned, I live in Ohio, not from Dayton. If I need to take it to a mechanic, are there any suggestions on whom to take it to?


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    Hello and welcome. There is no need to be nervous if it appears to be in good shape and has been serviced according to schedule. 2005 was a good year for the 9-5 and the 2.3T engine is reliable, powerful and great on gas.

    Parts are really not that expensive compared to other vehicles, especially when you get aftermarket parts. Modern Saabs are not more difficult to work on than other cars. That's just a myth that has been sticking around since the earlier models.

    Do you know the service history? If not, starting with changing all the filters and fluids is a good idea.

    I think you'll enjoy the change from a Saturn to a Saab 9-5. Luxury and performance without the price of the usual European brands. Looking forward to hear your experiences. When you have any technical questions, please post them in the 9-5 Workshop forum.

    Enjoy and good luck!

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    I lived in Toledo a long time ago. I didn't have problems finding a place to work on the Saab.

    There used to be a Saab-only dealer, Just Saabs, in Cincinnati and Dayton. Later, they stopped selling new Saabs but continued to service them. I think they closed their Dayton location.

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