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    '91 900 Fuel Pump Missing float!

    My fuel pump failed and I've managed to extract it from the tank without breaking anything, BUT it seems to be missing the float and the potentiometer pivot pin is missing, the pot arm is just dangling from its wire. I fished around in the tank up to my elbow in freezing gasoline and didn't come up with the float. Looks like this was a used bin replacement fuel pump, there was no thin plastic cover on it.

    So now I'm confused as to what this float does, since my fuel gauge is working fine.

    Also, is there a US source for both in and out check valve elbows? I don't want the entire fuel line. Both in and out on this model have check valves.

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    The fuel pump with a float is from a 9000. Apart from the float and potentiometer arrangement the pump is the same as a 900. Most people if using the 9000 pump just cut the float arm off. The fuel sensor in a 900 is separate and on the LHS of the tank.

    Can't comment on the check valve. Never used one without.

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