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    New 9-4X owner, old Saab owner (both the cars and I)

    Hi All,
    I expect that I know a lot of you from other places in "the Saab world" but never got around to joining Saab World until now - just purchased a 2011 9-4X 3.0i Premium last week. This is the 47th Saab in my immediate family since the 1965 Model 95 wagon that started it all (when I was 8). It occurs to me that the 9-4X may be rarer than my 1964 GT850 (produced 1962-1964, a couple of hundred each year) and that my 1978 99 Turbo is commonplace by comparison!
    Looking forward to the conversations!
    Best Regards,
    Gary Stottler

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    47 Saabs? That's a dedicated Saab family..! I have to own a few more before I catch up.

    Always good to see owners that stay with the brand through all the years, even with the change of corporate owners.


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    Kirsty McCarthy
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    Great to see you finally joined the forum!! I know the list is close to 50 now .....

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