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    Great write up... did you need to clear any codes from the ABS control unit? I'm struggling with a permanent ABS light.
    Worked out how to pull the codes but not convinced I understand how to clear old events....I should explain - ABS light on, codes from ABS flashing light procedure said internal failure in the ECU.
    Swapped ECU for a known good one but it seems to have a 'stuck' faults in the ECU......I'm trying to get to the 4 flashes-4 flashes-4 flashes-4 flashes = no codes stored. Currently reporting FR and FL sensor no signal but the sensors look to be good....resitance ohms OK and AC Voltage OK when spinning up a wheel.

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    Thanks, Stevel

    No, I have not pulled the codes yet, although I have looked over the procedures on the Townsend site. I will say that my ABS light stayed on a about a week ago when I got stuck in traffic. Freaked me out, but the light went out the next time I started the car. Brakes work adequately now, but the light staying on was a warning to me that things are not right. So I will need to get to this soon...

    Perhaps someone who has successfully been through the whole diagnostic process can chime in?

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