All, not very mechanical but try to do anything I can myself. I have a very annoying problem with my wipers right now. Basically, I'll tell you what happened just prior to this and maybe that will help with the issue?

Had my dog sitting in the front passenger seat while driving (leather seats; 65lb boxer). Had to hit the breaks quickly and he was on a blanket. Basically, he slammed into the console (couldn't really see for sure, but basically the gear shift (5 speed) and the radio/temperature controls). As soon as this happened, my windshield wipers came on! I went to turn them off, but the "stick" was already in the off position. They were on constant and were not shutting off. They were on a high speed. I pull into gas station to see if that would help anything. As soon as I shut the car off, they stopped, but did NOT park. Upon starting the car again, they came back on.

I popped the hood and removed the "low speed" fuse for wiper motor. That did nothing. I then removed the high speed fuse and they stopped, but again, did not park. Not sure what the heck happened. If you have any ideas, I would REALLY appreciate them! Right now, if it starts raining all the sudden, I have to pull over, pop the hood and insert the fuse. Really annoying...and dangerous!

Thanks for the help!