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    2002 9-3 Alarm Issues

    I have looked on other forums and found info for the 9-5 but nothing on the 9-3. This site is the first that sent me an activation email so I'm posting here. For the past few days my alarm will sound for 20-30 seconds cut off for 10-15 and repeat this about 5 times before finally going off. I have done the night panel trick where it sets it to doors only and have had no problems as of yet. My question is....Is there a fuse that I can pull to disable the alarm to shut off the noise and if there is what would that be. Also can somebody tell me the location of the alarm siren because I have checked in the drivers side front tire wheel well and have found nothing. Please help me my neighbors are getting annoyed!!! Again I have a 2002 9-3. Thanks in advance.

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    The WIS has these instructions for the siren removal. It looks like it is the same design as the 9-5 so most likely the batteries/capacitors that need to be replaced.


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