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    Retrofit original delphi grundig satnav

    Im coming back to the fold and have seen a 2011 93 i fancy,its is 2012 facelift griffin 2.0t 220bhp, however it has a standard cd radio double din unit in. I was hoping to retrofit an original saab double din sat nav delphi unit and assumed the harness would be in place ( maybe with exception of the fakra connection which I could add as a coin receiver on the rear parcel shelf). I thought this would be a easy swap with just Teching to be done at dealer .....However the dealer is telling me that this wont work as post 2008 the harness that is installed is specific to the original unit fitted , eg if you put a retofit delphi sat nav unit in then the harness would not be applicable and you would lose the steering wheel functionality.
    Surely this cant be true? If you had the original cd radio in and it would receive the same steerin wheel command via the same CIM and the same physical wire (given it being Teched of course)

    Has anyone done this or had it done

    Alternatively I was looking at a low cost chinese unit http://www.amazon.co.uk/Koolertron-2...g/dp/B00KF7651

    I know some people give these negative reviews but with a canbus module and harness the wiring looks pretty straightforward to me, with afew splices along the way !

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    Hi. Did you get anywhere with this question? I'm also looking to replace my standard CD/radio unit with the OEM nav unit but only have the expertise to do it if its a straight one-out-one-in sort of job.

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