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    Enclosed Panel Filter Upgrade

    Hi all

    Just wondered people's opinions on performance air filters inside the OEM box?
    I want something more effective but without the roar of the induction kits, I have been looking at panels by Pipercross and ITG.
    Dont really care about the gains of 1 or 2 bhp but may remap at some point.
    Any advice or tips welcome.

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    Why spend money for nothing? Speaking with a number of the well known tuners, though they sell them the power gain is almost nothing more than a play on statistics. Put your money into a real tune which our cars are very amenable to and we get a great gain for the money spent with a simple ECU modification. The 2.0 engine will go from 210 to yield about 250 horses and the 2.8, 250/280 will give you a nice easy 320 horses with no additional hardware ... and it works, not a game of smoke and mirror statistics. Good luck!

    Spend $60 and get 1 perhaps 2 horsepower and less engine protection or spend $300 to $600 and get about 40 horses that will make that Saab shine. I was not a believer and have had a Vtune on the car now for a few years with no problems including state emission inspection. It can be done via lap top at a "meet & greet" and save a lot of money or via a small "plug and play" (plug in and hit the button), which can then go back and forth to stock tunes as desired.

    Check with some UK mates but Hirsch is popular but very expensive (over 1,000 P) but MapTun may offer more reasonable rates.

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