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    Saab 1999 95 Keys

    Help as I am not sure if the mechanic is giving me the run around or not. My ignition keys became unrecognizable, or whatever the lingo is. So 2 electrical components (one of which was TWICE, do not recall what the other was) had to be replaced and new keys cut and programmed. It has been over a week and the first set Sabb sent was not cut properly. I am being told that Sabb, for the 1999 9-5 converted to a new key and they cut the old key style or format and as such will not work. They have been trying to call sabb and confirm and of course can't get a straight answer as to who they are calling and where (U.S. or Sweden).

    Anyone experience this? Also can I just forget about the electronic stuff and go manual with keys that can be cut locally?

    Thanks so much - Doug

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    Well the keys in the 9 5 starting in 1998 did change. The 98, 99 and maybe the 2000 had a fob for the locks. Called a banana fob. After 00 the fob was integrated into the key. Your new twice and key have to be married by a tech II and the key should have the dock lock buttons. As such he may be correct. Best option is a junk yard and a car with a key and a twice unit attached. Those can be married and a 2nd key made as well. Or you can post a parts wanted in the various Saab forums and you will have what you need in a jiffy.

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