Need any help possible:

I am experiencing the following errors that occur randomly:
ABS light
Brake light
Stability traction error
Car will be in motion but will show in Park or Reverse
**When these errors occur there will be at some point a "ding" and the stability traction message will scroll across. When this happens, everything seems to go back to normal**

Also: the car will not start every time.
Local repair shop showed me how to "jump"/"hotwire" in the fuse box area that I guess bypasses the starter. When the car doesn't start, it never show in gear on the display. When I do the "hotwire", the car doesn't start but it moves it into the stability traction message on the readout and then the car will start with the key. Once I get that error message, the gear is showing on the readout.

Local Saab repair expert has stopped returning my calls and emails and refuses to help. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated!