So I've read a lot of other topics on this but none of the tips in there seem to have helped.

My fiance's 2001 Saab 9-5 keeps giving the "Key Not Accepted" error. Now, the display is also going but is somewhat readable.

I have tried putting the key in, turning it to 'On', and pressing the trunk button on the fob to display how many keys are paired with the car, but it never displays that information. Holding the unlock button as I try to start the car also does nothing.

That being said, usually we CAN get the car to start after a few turns of the key.

I can report that the buttons on the fob simply do not work for locking/unlocking and opening the trunk. We have tried a replacement battery.

When I called a dealership about a month or so ago, they told me it was most likely the fob and that they could order just the fob part and program it. I was told I needed a service appointment to have this done, but we didn't have the time open to schedule on until now. So I call them up to schedule and the guy starts telling me it might be the ignition switch or the key and that they'd have to do a diagnosis first but couldn't quote me any prices for either the diagnosis or the repair.

So is it most likely the transponder in the fob part of the key, the ignition switch, both, or what?

I hope I have provided enough details of the situation that someone here can help me. Thank You.