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    Exclamation Electical Issues


    I've recently bought an 04 Arc Wagon that unfortunately needed a motor. I swapped it out and it runs flawlessly, but not other issues have become apparent. I'm hoping to get some input on where to start looking to figure out a few electrical issues. So a few things I've noticed that do not seem to be right,

    1. Whenever the door is open, there is the bong that comes on. Its the same one that comes on when you turn the ignition on and will not go off unless the door is closed
    2. Brake light failure shown on SID, the brake lights are stuck on when the car is running. Brake pedal has no effect
    3. Without the key in, if you put your foot on the brake the headlights and brake lights come on, as well as the XM radio that it has installed
    4. The headlights cannot be turned off, flipping the switch to each of the 3 positions only causes them to turn off a split second in-between settings
    5. The hatch is closed, but its indicated that it is open on the instruments. While driving the release engages and disengages at random.

    Any help or advice is very much appreciated, I will be diving into these issues all day tomorrow

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    1. I would guess the car thinks you are leaving it with headlights on so it gives you the warning. Since your headlights are always on I am thinking it's normal.

    2. Disconnect the battery. Disconnect the brake light wires. Check for damage, clean contacts, reconnect. Try to kinda wiggle things around. See if that helps. Just because you get a SID error doesn't mean you need to replace anything. I had the same error but it went away and I didn't replace anything.

    3. With foot on brake your brake lights are supposed to come on. Why your headlights come on without the key in is the question. That is weird and I have no clue.

    4. I believe that's called daylight running lights. Same with my car. You can't turn them off. Even removing the fuse responsible for them (35 I think) does nothing.

    5. Electrical issues. Gotta check the wires, fuses, etc.

    Make sure your battery terminals are clean and tightly clamped.
    Check & clean all the fuses and make sure they are all the right amperage and have no corrosion. If you find any blown ones, that could help identify the problems.
    It seems like the engine swap might have fvckd up your electronics.

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