After nearly purchasing a manual 9-5 Sportcombi, sight unseen and having it shipped across the country, my wife talked some sense into me. The car would mostly be hers and she prefers having at least 1 automatic in our stable. Then there's the added benefit that my daughter and daughter-in-law could drive it should something put their vehicles out of commission.

I became a Saab true believer after the 1998, 900 I owned previously. That car had made the family rounds with my daughter-in-law being the final user. Unfortunately, a stake truck backed up and over her front. The A/C lines got crushed, but after some prudent hammering and replacement lights off fleabay, the car lived on. The accelerator got stuck twice at WOT and rather than shut the car off, she put in neutral. No apparent damage to the engine whatsoever. The throttle only required a bit of adjustment, but she was afraid of the car after that. I was amazed how a car with that amount of mileage and abuse still performed so well, and little things like the brake lines (epoxy coated) still looked like new.

So, my recent purchase is a 2007 Chili Red Mica 9-5 (automatic) Sportcombi that I bought from an attorney, a coupe hour's drive away - this was his 5th Saab. Although it had nearly 105K miles, the seller had full service records and the car looked / drove like new. About all I had to do with it, was new fluids / filters and a thorough detailing. This car feels so much more substantial and contemporary than the 900. So far, I couldn't be more pleased.