I have never heard of Saabs having any problems with windshield washer fluid or brake fluid. Saabs use DOT 4 brake fluid. There are many fine brands, such as ATE Super Gold Typ 200 and Castol LMA DOT 4 brake fluid.

That is not to say that other cars are all like that. If you experience any problems with fluids in a Saab, write here!

With newer BMWs, there are reports about Rain-X gumming up the lines so that it clogs up and burns up the motor. BMW dealers recommend either the generic blue or concentrated alcoholic BMW fluid.

Newer BMWs also have fine channels that require low viscosity DOT4 brake fluid. If you don't, if it is cold, there could be slightly delayed anti-lock braking function. ATE SL.6 is low viscosity. ATE Super Gold Typ 200 is regular viscosity. ATE Blue was recalled in the U.S. because all brake fluid must be amber or clear, not blue. Blue was to show you when the new or old fluid was bled.

ATE SL.6 has a slightly lower boiling point so ATE recommends change in 2 years, versus 3 years for Typ 200. Saab used to have a 3 year change recommendation but later followed GM's recommendation of 4 years. I suspect that 3 years is being cautious, 4 years is likely ok in many situations. If the car is used on the track, then more often.

Who said Saabs are quirky? As far as brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid, Saabs are very normal!