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    Redgriffin New Memeber Introduction

    Good morning All,

    I'm a new member to Saab World. I currently owned two Saab's a 2002 9-5 Aero Sedan and 2003 9-3 Linear both are currently now running. I came across this website while searching for a video or how to do information on changing out left side outer and inner tie rod. I'm still looking for the information because I want to get this vehicle back running. The 9-5 is in need of some TLC (body work) but other than that it will run whenever I can get it started that is also a problem with the 9-3 its been down since my ran into a pothole and bent the tie rod last winter.


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    Dave T.
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    Welcome! Good luck with your two Saabs. It's nice to have a spare Saab! Treat the 9-3 well! I used to think that only rich people had 9-5's and I was not rich. Therefore, I settled for a 900 and later 9-3's. Later, I really felt rich because I drove a 9-3 turbo! Previously, I had driven non-turbo 900's.

    With my 2005 9-3, I really felt rich. I had alloy wheels, electric windows, and a turbo. In contrast, my classic 900 had steel wheels (though nicely painted silver), wind down windows, and no turbo. Still, I was very happy with my 900's. Later, my 900 had a 16V engine, unlike the previous 8 valve engine.

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