Hey all, I never did delete my account as Wulf pointed out I do have 3 years of Saab driving experience under my belt.
On a different note, I'm not sure where to put this as it is not a Saab item.
In any case, I am selling what remains of my old CarPC. Not sure of the rules about listing things from ebay, so if you Mods dont like it, go ahead and delete it.
This is an M2-ATX 160W "smart" DC-DC Power Supply for computers. Removed most of my install from the saab before we sold it. This is the only thing really left of any value, besides the acrylic case which hasnt been listed yet.
If anyone is interested go check out the listing here: M2 ATX 160W Intelligent DC DC Mini Box com PSU 20 Pin Passive Cooling | eBay