I am having a/c issues with my 2010 9-3 2.0T. Searched the forum, but not finding my issue.

It started with only blowing cold air at speeds below 50mph. Once at a higher speed, the air would only blow warm. Yesterday, it only blew warm air for 3 hrs of a 4 hr trip (highway, no traffic). The last hour it did blow cold, but not as cold as usual (outside temp 83). On the return trip, it would frequently blow warm air at a very low speed even though it was set at the highest speed.

I have had the air compressor and filter replaced by a 35 year GM Certified Master Mechanic. The freon is full. He tested for leaks and found none.

If anyone can point me into the right direction, I would appreciate it. The Saab dealer here is pretty far, but more importantly I don't trust them (charged $203.00 for an oil change) and didn't reset the service computer (any hint on how to do that would also be greatly appreciated).

Thank you,