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    Check engine light On.. How to fix?

    So my car has been working flawlessly. After 2 weeks that I had taken it to the mechanic, I drove to an atm machine and the engine light popped up. I didn't know why because the car felt the same. I didn't feel any changes or anything. So this morning I turned it on and hear a weird sound. Before this, the car felt a little bit rough when idle, but after driving it for a little or letting it warm up, it felt perfectly fine. Any know knows what this could be? Here is a link to the video:

    I would really appreciate any type of help!

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    Scan the code with an OBD2 reader and report back. Without a code, it's pretty much guessing.

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    Check your code free at any local Autozone, Advance, etc. I use an app called torque lite(free) with this obd Bluetooth reader. Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1444569812059.jpg
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