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    Hesitation on acceleration

    Hi everyone I have a Saab 93 aero Anniversary 2.0 turbo model basically it's hesitates on acceleration, I have new plugs champion , piper cross filter and full history 110000 miles this only happens now and again otherwise engine is smooth can anyone help ?

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    Usually NGK plugs are the recommended ones, by Saab and quite a lot of Saab owners. I think PKR6T-10G are the ones for the B207E, L & R engines and BKR7ESC-11 for the D207,Z20NFL Bio-power ones.
    The use of other makes has often been found to be the culprit for various ignition faults. I don't know if it's to do with resistances or their temperature ranges. Or if the list of equivalent plugs is based on thread size and depth of electrode.
    Any hows.
    I personally would be thinking plugs, or perhaps fuel filter.
    I don't know about piper cross filters, but suck squeeze bang blow are all connected. Altering one can affect another.


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