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    Turbo hits yellow, Makes deep noise

    Got a used 2004 9-5 arc wagon a few months ago. Love it.
    A few days ago i fell victim to a hit and run. My car was parked and when i came back to it someone had ran into the passenger side front bumper. Mostly on the side below the light. Initially i was pissed about the outside damage but now im having problems with the turbo. When i accelerate into the yellow zone of the turbo it makes a deep sound that sounds like a vibration. I know the turbo is located on that side of the car where it was hit. Drove with it for a couple days but now my engine light has come on. Does anyone know what could be wrong with the turbo or why the engine light would come on? still new to saab so i thought i would hear from other owners before i take it somewhere.

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    The air filter is located in front of the right front tire where you were hit. I would start by looking at the piping for the air intake in that area.

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    In addition to the air filter housing, the hose from the turbo to the intercooler is down on the right. I'd the car is throwing a CEL code now, also check the hose connections after the mass airflow sensor. The noise is probably boosted air leaking, hopefully just from a popped hose connection, rather than a crack in the intercooler.

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