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    Saab 94x Rear Tail Light Modification Kit: Solution to LED problems

    We have another alternative to the rear LED problem. I have neither a left or right working LED taillight and my middle bar was starting to fail. My mechanic came up with the idea of making the brake light a running light as well. He wasn't sure he was going to be able to find the right fighting socket for the duel light but after a few days of research he found the socket that works. Funny, it came off a "rare" car from 2002! Anyway after two trips to Vegas and him taking apart my tail lights we have working running lights! No more worrying about not being able to drive at night. Before I had him do the work I took it to Casa de Cadillac/ Saab and they quoted me for the electrical work, and not knowing what parts were needed, he said anywhere between $475 and $700. I hate the dealer and quickly remembered why I don't go there. I told that to my guy in Vegas so now he is selling the kits on EBAY and he said even if you can't do yourself I am putting down on paper typed instructions and that it should take no longer than 45 minutes with a qualified mechanic if anyone that buys it can't do it. I did one better, I made a video of the entire process and he made it part of his package. So there you go. We can all rest easy! There is a picture on the ebay page that shows the working running lights.
    Video that shows what it looks like:
    Here's the ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/252238247139
    ***Sorry didn't notice this on the EBAY ad but it is "Make an Offer"
    Good luck!

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