I just replaced the Left side axle assembly on my '06 9-5 (right side job still pending). Car has 168,000 km (~103,000 miles). Driver for the change was clicking on slow speed turning both left & right & a small vibration at Hwy speeds. Plan is both sides will be changed & I ordered parts for both, but the left side was 1st on the list. Overall, not a tough job, getting the ball joint to reseat on installation was the most fiddly bit (due mostly to me trying to do it the laziest way possible). For those interested, you will lose almost exactly 1 litre of fluid when the left axle is removed.

However, one thing about the job has me troubled & I need some advice.

When I took the original out, at the inboard side, the flange on the joint was tight to the transmission. However, on putting the new unit in (FEQ p/n 5393020), I found that the new shaft seated with the inner housing about 2mm clear of the transmission housing (ie there is a gap that size). I tried to seat it further in, but that was as far as I could get it to sit. I used a heavy rubber mallet to try to seat it further but that was as far as it wanted to go.

Other than that re-assembly was problem free. After putting in another litre of ATF and a test drive to get it to temp and letting it sit overnight, there is no visible leak, so the job, save the gap seems to be a success - but the gap on the inboard side has me bothered. Is it possible I haven't got the new unit properly seated????

Thoughts appreciated

ps - still some noise on turning, but much less than before & the removed axle has a lot of play in the outer joint, so was certainly on its way to the dark side